This vehicle was built on a RHD export chassis number and supplied to Searle of Sunbury, supplier of Carawagon camper conversions. The vehicle was aquired by Simon Westcott and modified to his specifications. This included lamp guards, a chaff guard grille, jerrycan racks and a roof rack. Also the interior was modified to provide sleeping facilities, which required the removal of the centre bulkhead. A Searle pull-out tent provided additional sleeping space.

The vehicle was then driven from the UK to Africa, driving to Cape Town in 1972-3.

Photos with thanks to Simon Westcott.

In Thames Ditton, Surrey preparing to leave. The sliding glass window at the end of the road is AC Cars showroom.

Southampton Docks about to board the ‘Eagle’ bound for Tangiers. Lots of other Land Rovers boarding too.

Outside In-Salah, Algeria. The last of the tarmac until Nigeria. Hence the photo…..

Sahara evening

Maintenance in Tamanrasset

Crossing the Ubangui River into Zaire

Somewhere in Africa

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park