The Land-Rover build records held at Gaydon show that 22900001A was built on the 12th September 1968, in Deep bronze Green, and dispatched to the Rover publicity department. It was then re-dispatched to the Special Projects Department on the 14th October 1968.

The factory registration book also held at Gaydon gave some more information regarding this vehicle. Number one was registered as JXC165H on 17th September 1969 (already a year old). Its engine number was 34506157B. It was sold to M W Pratt on 15-6-1972.

According to the DVLA however, it was last on the road in 1989. It was recorded as scrapped in 1991.

Whilst few definite photos exist of the vehicle, there are some which I believe do show the vehicle, as the known details and time frame are correct. The following three photographs are all taken from factory publicity photographs or promotional videos, and all appear to show the same vehicle, albeit with minor modifications. Photographs of a similar vehicle fitted with a lubrication system for plant machinery exist at Gaydon. In all three photos the vehicle is a Deep Bronze Green 109″ chassis-cab with 900×16 tyres and deep dish wheel rims. All date from the period late 1968 to 1969.


In the above photograph the vehicle has Avon 900×16 tyres and additional lights above the cab. A fifth-wheel conversion is fitted.


Above, again a Deep Bronze Green 109″ truck cab fitted with a drilling rig. The tyres appear to be 900×16 and the axle is an ENV unit. The still is taken from this video which is itself very interesting.¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ROY_leLdA0


The above photo was the first to surface showing what might be number one. The 900×16 tyres (Dunlop in this photo) are obvious, as is the rear mounted fuel filler which was normal on six-cylinder engined vehicles. It would seem that the Publicity Department photographed the vehicle with various back-bodies to showcase the adaptability of the Land-Rover. This photograph shows the vehicle had wing mounted headlamps, which means no 1-Tons (aside from prototypes) were built with headlamps in the grille.

Recently a photograph has appeared which shows the vehicle with the registration number visible. Here it is shown fitted with a small HIAB crane and jack legs. Thanks to LR Optional equipment for the photo.

This old advertisement for Land Rover also shows what could be 22900001A, now sporting a hard top and hydraulic drum winch.

If anyone has any further information regarding this vehicle please get in touch.