This vehicle has recently surfaced and is the oldest known 1-Ton. It was built on 9th April 1969 along with vehicle chassis number 3. It was painted Deep Bronze Green and despatched to Windmill&Lewis of Bristol on the 11th April 1969. These were the first 1-Tons in Public ownership in the UK, as vehicle number 1 was still with the factory at this time. It was not road regsitered until 1st July 1969 in Bristol.

The hydraulic winch appears to be a MK1 type with the taller drive housing. The three roller open fairlead is fitted. It is difficult to tell what is original to the vehicle, although the deep side sills and indicator over sidelampfront lighting arrangement would appear to be correct for the time.

The bonnet is usual in that it has the expected military style spare wheel mounting, but has a normal centre catch rather then side catches as seen on other vehicles. Perhaps the final design for the 1-Ton had not been finalised at this time.