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“SEB” was purchased by me in January 2005, it was then fitted with a full-length canvas hood, painted overall limestone, and with a load of spare bits and bobs in the back, and in need of some attention. Since then I have had a new engine fitted, a new bumper, new seats, and various other bits, as well as a repaint in correct Southern Electricity colour of atlantic green. SEB have also given me permission to sign write the vehicle as it would have been when in service. I have rebuilt the ladder rack and will possibly recreate some of the internal racking in the rear. It still has its original hydraulic drum winch which would have been used for pulling cables, transformers, channels etc up poles. I have used it for vehicle recovery and also for shifting logs.

The winch has control levers in the cab to control the direction of spool, as well as a lever to engage and disengage the PTO. The hydraulic tank is inside the rear passenger side wing, with pipes running along the underside to the PTO and winch.

“Seb” was built on 28th April 1969 and dispatched on first of May 1969 to Henleys of London for onward sale to Southern Electricity at Portsmouth. It was not road registered until 7th July 1969, and bears a Portsmouth Registration (BK). The two-month gap between despatch and registration is presumably due to fitment of the winch, ladder rack etc before use. It was based at the Lower Drayton Lane depot, Portsmouth, until December 1984, from then it has had several owners until I bought it. Southern Electricity Board covered the region from the south coast, through Southampton, Reading, and up into Oxford. Many similar vehicles were used in these areas, based on Series IIA and III vehicles.

The wheels are the 6.5″ wide rims with the maximum offset, a rarely seen wheel on Land Rovers. Seb has become something of a minor celebrity in Land Rover circles, and has appeared several times in LRE and LRO magazines among others. SEB won 3rd Place in the Commercial Landrover class, Driffield Show, 2006.

This is how SEB looked like before being modified:


If you remember SEB from the past, or know anything about it, please feel free to contact me.

Below, details of PTO.


Below a close-up of the winch: