Above picture by Richard Thackary

 26600001A is the first production Series III 1-Ton. It spent its working life as a breakdown truck with Kennings, and passed through a few owners before being purchased by Steve Graham.

Steve had previously rebuilt series III 88 Diesel number one among others, and so a full rebuild was carried out on the 1-Ton. The vehicle was stripped and fully reconditioned, including a new rear chassis. Many of the damaged body panels were replaced, and now the vehicle has a wonderful showroom fresh finish. Steves hard work and dedication has been rewarded with many awards for this outstanding vehicle.

Steves 1-Ton inspired me to get mine, so in many ways is responsible for this website and my record of the 1-Ton Land-Rovers.

The Series III 1-ton gained all the improvements its normal stablemates did – the ABS moulded plastic grille, alternator as standard, revised dashboard and instrumentation, and a fully-synchromesh gearbox. Early vehicles had ENV axles, but later ones had salisbury versions front and rear, and from 1974/5 a reinforced Rover front diff was used. Later vehicles also had the two part pressed chassis rather then the four-plate version. Steves vehicle naturally has all the features of an early vehicle. As part of a fleet order it has series II style door hinges, as the factory were getting rid of old obsolete stock at this time. Later machines had the normal flat hinges.

“Number one” worked as a breakdown truck for Kennings for the first few years of its life, and as such was not road-registered when new. At the time breakdown trucks were exempt from MOT, road fund license and registration. It was on a Q plate when Steve bought it, and the current registration is age-related. DVLA policy is (or certainly was) to issue and early type plate for the year, hence the J suffix, but had the vehicle been registered when new it would have been a K reg.
Winner – best series 3 – LRW Eastnor Castle Show 2006 and 2009.