This very original and unmolested 1-ton series III is currently undergoing restoration. The original build card was found behind the dashboard, so it is known the vehicle is essentially “as-built”. The vehicle was built in January 1972 and dispatched to Brooks Bros, Rhyl. It is thought it was then used in the Rhyl area. At some point it was converted into a breakdown truck and fitted with a crane in the load bed. It was also repainted white with an orange stripe along the body shoulder. The owners are very keen to learn what they can about the hostory of the vehicle and any information, no matter how small, would be warmly welcomed. The current owner has a rebuild blog which can be found here – http://oneton42a.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/a-land-rover-with-no-identity.html



The restoration is now nearing completion.


42A was one of a pair of vehicles delivered to Brooks Bros, the other being chassis number 26600041A which was again a deep bronze green vehicle. The owners of 42A would like to know if 41A is still about somewhere, as there is some evidence it is currently on SORN so may have been on the road fairly recently. It is thought to have been in the St.Helens area. Tracking down 41A may help fill in the gaps in the history of 42A. If you know anything please get in touch.