Funds are needed to continue the restoration of a Series III 1-Ton. If you can spare any amount to put towards the vehicle, this will help it to be preserved for future generations. If you wish to make a donation, please click the donate button. Thank you so much in advance for your kindness.

Owned by a trio of 1-ton enthusiasts, this vehicle will have a full rebuild. It is thought to be another Southern Electricity Board vehicle. This vehicle was completed in February 1973 in overall light green (including the wheel rims). Its SEB fleet number was 733-4541. An ex-southern electric roof and roofrack have been sourced from a similar vehicle and it will be returned to a working livelry for SEB. Work has recently started on “flo” and will be continuing soon.

The chassis is reasonable and will probably be saved, however the body is very poor. So far the roof has been fitted and new front wings, and the engine has been spun over to make sure its OK. Flo is quite typical of a mid production series III 1-ton. Both axles are from Salisbury. It appears to have had no bonnet spare wheel mount, as it has a centre catch for the bonnet. Oddly the bonnet is not original to the vehicle although the grille panel is.

The wings look to be ex-military. A well is fitted in the rear load bed presumably to house a spare wheel up against the bulkhead – the same detail is found on MRX283L and ERX849K – perhaps this was Land-Rover’s way of mounting the wheel when a plain bonnet was specified? It could also have been a modification made by Southern Electricity as all three vehicles are previously owned by them.

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