26600087B – Ex-Southern Electricity Series III

MRX283L is a Series III 1-Ton owned by Paul Pryer and is another ex-southern electricity board vehicle. Original registration was in Reading, within the Southern Electricity region. The vehicle worked at Melksham depot.

It is fitted with a Dowty Oil Pump PTO, and came with an Hydraulic winch. It has now been fitted with a truck can and soft top as well as having been repainted and generally reconditioned. This vehicle was built on 30/12/1972, in light green and delivered to Henleys of London. Vehicles in the MRX***L series, believed to have started at 281 and thought to have ended at 288 – most of these vehicles have sadly since been scrapped.

The vehicle has been undergoing a rebuild in 2016-2017 and has been repainted in the original light green colour.

Below are some older photos.

The photos below are of the vehicle from the mid-1980s and were kindly provided by a previous owner. They show the vehicle more-or-less as it was when with Southern Electricity Board.

The photo below has been found recently showing the vehicle when in service with SEB at Melksham depot.