This 1-Ton series III was picked up at auction recently after spending a few years on a farm. It is ex-Southern Electricity Board and was painted light green overall when new.

Reading registered, it worked with SEB from a depot in Newbury. Sadly the vehicle is missing its winch and PTO, which would appear to be mechanical rather than hydraulic operation. As a C Suffix vehicle it has a Rover front axle and a late type C section chassis.

NGM475R was one of a batch of 1-Tons used, and registration numbers included NGM474R, 476, 477,478,479 and 480 – all of these have either been scrapped or are parked up in a field somewhere. It is now owned by Ben, in Germany.

The ladder rack and side step show the vehicle is ex-Southern Electricity Board.

The picture below shows the front spring hanger, which has rotten. Note however this vehicle has a Rover front axle, which was fitted to the later C Suffix series III version of the 1- Ton. The steering damper was a standard fitment on all 1-Tons.