Wheels and tyres

1-Ton Land-Rovers were as standard fitted with 9.00×16 tyres on 6.5″ steel road wheels. The parts book list the wheels as having part number 569204, which equates to a 6.5″ rim with a deep dish when viewed from outside the vehicle. Land-Rover also had a wheel rim designated 569203 which had a slightly increased offset, meaning the dish from outside looked slightly deeper. The only real difference was that the inner section of the rim was pushed back as far as possible when attached to the outer section of the rim. Both types of rim were found on 1-Ton Land-Rovers, and indeed on other vehicles from the factory. The majority probably did have 569204s, however a number of vehicles have what are almost certainly original factory fitted 569203s. Deep dish rims were also often found on otherwise standard vehicles used as Fire Tenders, and possibly other applications too.


There is some confusion as to what rims were fitted to 1-tons equipped from the factory with 7.50×16 tyres. The West Yorkshire Fire Service vehicles appear to have been on 569203 rims (it is very difficult to identify them for sure based on photos) yet some SEB vehicle appear to have used standard 5.5″ rims as used on standard long-wheelbase Land-Rovers.


569203 rims.



569204 rim


It is as you can see, very difficult to tell the rims apart. This is made all the more complicated by optical effects caused by the size of the tyres fitted. Deep dish rims look very deep indeed when fitted with small tyres.

Most such wheels will have a part number stamped on, however care must be taken as some were evidently sent out with the wrong part numbers on. Rims which are the lesser offset 569204 were stamped as 569203. In many instances this was overstamped with XXXXX and re-stamped 569204, but in some cases no new stamping was applied, or the old incorrect stamping was not overstamped. Below are examples of overstamping, oddly enough both these rims are on the same vehicle!




Land-rover also produced a similar deep dish rim known usually as the “ANR1534” rims. This appears to have been fitted to heavy-duty Land Rovers starting at some point in the late 1980s. It was commonly seen on 130s. These are quite common as the military used them on the 127/130 rapier tractor vehicles. They are similar in specification to the 569204 rim but do differ in some details. Recently evidence has surfaced of a “transitional” rim which is somewhere between a 569204 and the ANR1534 rims, more details to follow as I get them.


With regards to tyres, from the factory 1-Tons appear to have been fitted with either Avon Traction-Mileage or Dunlop RK2A tyres in 900×16 size. Norwegian army vehicles had 900×16 tyres made by Viking. In more recent years many other 900×16 (and radial 900R16) tyres have become available. Michelin made various patterns in 900R16, and common patterns can also be found made by Camac, Danubiana (these two are very similar in tread pattern but the Camac has a slightly more agressive tread pattern) and of course the classic WW2 style bargrips. Petlas did make a very good mud-biased 900X16 but supplies do seem to have dwindled in recent years. Most 900×16 tyres are now hard to find. Sadly for the driver they offer no real advantage over smaller tyres, and all styles tend to wear out quite quickly, probably due to steering scrub. They are also heavy to carry (eg spare wheel) and finding replacements can be difficult and expensive.